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Back from the BWCA Annual Conference & Trade Show

We enjoyed a productive day at the BWCA (British Watercooler Association) event at the Belfry in Nottingham on 8th March. It is our industry’s largest annual water cooler conference and trade show, and Borg & Overström were there in force. Ours was the only stand with models plumbed in for visitors to sample the benefits of Direct Chill coolers, including sparkling water. In prime position in the lobby area, our display provoked no little ‘stand envy’! Continue reading

Water fountains : A health hazard?

If you’ve been paying attention to the water world, you will have seen increasing attention to the resurgence of water fountains in public spaces.  London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is keen to cut down the capitals high usage of bottled water by increasing the availability of public water fountains across the city, this is supported by such organisations as Water for London and Find a Fountain. Continue reading

Fynil™– Protecting your hydration surfaces

The water you drink shouldn’t just taste fresh – it must be fresh and completely free of contamination. At Borg & Overström, users’ health is our top priority. That’s why we’ve developed a Totality hygiene system for complete peace of mind, complementing our commitment to Direct Chill coolers as the safe way to dispense water. Our Totality™ System consists of four key factors; Sterizen™, Viovandt™, 3M Filtration, and Fynil™. Today, we’re going to be discussing Fynil™, our surface protectant. Continue reading